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About No Excuses

No Excuses Personal Training was founded in 2015 as a result of long lasting passion for sports. Throughout years we developed highly effective set of exercises and workouts that come from military bootcamps and can be applied to any fitness level. We specialize in outdoor training, delivering functional, high intensity workouts based mainly but not only on your bodyweigth.

Our main goal is to help people to reach a whole new fitness level while having fun and enjoying the journey.

Free yourself from a gym and be a part of No Excuses Team!

We offer you Personal Training with:

Bodyweight Exercises

Hundreds of bodyweight exercises that will strengthen every part of your body and improve general fitness. Do them Anywhere!

Training Equipment

Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, Slam Balls, Bands, Tyres, Hammers, TRX's, Sandbags any many more... Meet them all!

Flexible Meeting Times

Early mornings, late evenings, weekends, holidays... Get in touch and we will figure it out.

Convenient Locations

In the park, in the office, in the garden or in your living room. We will find a spot that is convenient for you!

Outdoor Experience

Our main purpose is to enjoy outdoor activities. All year round whether it's hot, cold, sunny or rainy. No Excuses!

Customized and Varied Workouts

On each session you will encounter a different training that will be tailored to your needs and fitness level.

Meet the Coach

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In a Nutshell

My name is Szymon. I have been involved in physical exercise almost all of my life. I was actively involved with and excelled  at athletics at an early age in school. I later joined the Army where physical exercise was a way of life. I am now an active athlete with strong focus on obstacle racing, triathlon and trail running.

personal trainer athlete
Military Background

As a platoon commander in the Army, I was responsible for preparing soldiers for exams in physical education and variety of competitions. I conducted many classes of different topics and subjects regarding sport: team games, close combat, bodybuilding or cross training workouts.

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  • Level 3 Diploma In Fitness Instructing and Personal Training
  • Level 2 Diploma In Health and Fitness
  • Level 2 Award In Emergency First Aid at Work
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
  • OCR Level 1 Trainer

Pricing Plans:

Personal Training

50 / Single Session
  • Free Assessment
  • 1h Session

Personal Training

225 / 5 Sessions
  • Free Assessment
  • 1h Session
  • Training Plan
  • Nutrition Advice

Personal Training

400 / 10 Sessions
  • Free Assessment
  • 1h Session
  • Training Plan
  • Nutrition Advice

Partner Training

65 / Single Session
  • Train with your Friend
  • Share the Cost
  • Free Assessment
  • 1h Session

Partner Training

300 / 5 Sessions
  • Train with your Friend
  • Share the Cost
  • Free Assessment
  • 1h Session
  • Training Plan
  • Nutrition Advice

Partner Training

550 / 10 Sessions
  • Train with your Friend
  • Share the Cost
  • Free Assessment
  • 1h Session
  • Training Plan
  • Nutrition Advice

What people say?

Customers reviews

Our experience training with Szymon:

- Knows how to motivate you without getting ‘in your face’
- Has a great balance between being involved and challenging yourself
- Is always on time and flexible
- Not one training is the same. He always has different trainings prepared. This makes it creative, fun and dynamic … you never know what’s coming 😉
- The results are visible!
- He has a great balance between, ‘getting to work’ & being social, taking you to the next level, pushing your boundaries, is respectful, has a great sense of humour and knows how to make training fun!
- He makes you realise that YOU are the one who can make a difference in YOUR life and he is there to guide you.
- Not only SUPER at his job/passion but also a special person at heart!

For one year I trained with Szymon twice a week. Once a week alone and once a week together with my husband. Even though we were focused on getting in shape, in the end training with Szymon helped us in so many more ways in our lives! Not only did it help us physically but definitely also mentally. We never imagined it would have such a rigorous and positive effect on all levels! Bottom line; We love Szymon! The best Personal Trainer in Heidelberg!

PS He even knows how to train a pregnant women 😉 !

personal training

Marc and Nicoline

I worked with Szymon for 1.5 years and every session was different and challenging. The training is truly tailored for ability and needs, as he helped me recover from a pregnancy, trained me to reach personal records, and also helped me train through a second pregnancy. Szymon brings an energy to each session that motivates you to do better then your best. I can honestly say that without personal training with Szymon, I never would have reached the same level of fitness, nor been able to train so effectively during pregnancy.

Personal trainer


Cannot recommend Szymon and No Excuses enough.

I have been training one-on-one with Szymon once a week and twice a week at his EMBL Campus classes for over 3 years now and it has been the best training program I have ever been in.

Szymon is not only flexible in time, place and weather, but also exercises. Each session is tailor made just for you and your abilities and to motivate you to get to the next level. You get the feeling that it's all about you and you making the best of yourself. Szymon motivates so well during all sessions. Each session is also totally different from any other. I have never had the same session twice, which means it's always a surprise and always fun. You never even notice the time go by!

Szymon is also a joy to converse with during sessions, about life, the universe and everything inbetween, but of course, never forgetting that burpee/pull-up/push-up or crunch that has to be done.

Such balance, motivation, challenges and happiness.

Would give 10 stars if I could

personal training heidelberg


Great training sessions. Fun, always changing, and you definitely know you've done some exercise. Well planned so that everyone - at whichever level of person fitness - gets something out of it. The best Personal Trainer I have worked with!

fitness trainer heidelberg



I took 10 sessions with Szymon and I couldn't expect better than those sessions - Szymon is a great motivator, the sessions are really adapted to the individual and they are never boring as the exercises change constantly. You can really feel all your muscles the following days  I would really recommend No excuses to anyone who need some an extra push to reach their goals!

Personal trainer heidelberg


Fun, exciting, amusing and most importantly: you get fitter, faster, stronger!  Totally recommend fitness training with Szymon.


Having set myself the goal of  completing a long-distance triathlon, I was frequently getting injured during training.

Szymon designed a personally adapted training programme for the gym to help me fix my muscle imbalances. After 10 weeks, I was stronger, fitter, faster and have remained injury-free since. The best personal trainer in Heidelberg.

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