An Excuse or just a Lie?

excuses and priorities

Everyone wants to be fit, get in shape, lose fat, improve their sport performance but most of the people would like to achieve that with a minimum effort. At every corner you can find an excuse which will deter you from achieving your fitness goals.

It’s to cold,

It’s raining,

It’s difficult,

It’s to early,

I am tired,

and so on…

Let me tell you something… The truth is that it’s not weather that stops you, it’s not your mood that stops you, it’s not the others that stop you. You are the one who chooses your fate. It’s all about how badly you want to achieve it. How much time and effort you are able to devote to reach your dreams. How deeply commited you are to change your lifestyle and to be the person you have always wanted to be. It’s all about dedication and prioritizing!

Let me ask you a few questions:

If you would like to earn more money, wouldn’t you work harder? 

If you so much would like to become an actor, wouldn’t you go to an acting school?

If you were homeless, wouldn’t you ask for help?

If you were sick, wouldn’t you go to the doctor?

If you fell in love, wouldn’t you do everything to be with that person?

Would the weather, your humor or the time of a day stop you to do all those things?

So… If you really want to be a fit person, why don’t you start working out and watch your diet seriously?

If it’s important to you, you will find a way, if it’s not, you will find an excuse

Now, let’s focus on two the most often repeated excuses I hear as a personal trainer.

Excuses vs Priorities




At the first sight they may look pretty serious and difficult to overcome. 

But… Is it really?

“I just don’t have enough time.”

I believe we all have said it before.

The most often we say “I don’t have time”,  when we don’t want to feel guilty about skipping something:

If we don’t have enough time to exercise and get in shape, it’s easier for us to be okay with wheezing after going upstairs.

If we don’t have enough time for preparing healthy meals, it’s  much easier to accept our next fast food meal.

If we don’t have enough time to clean the house and put things in order, it’s easier to accept living in filth.

If we don’t have time to apply for new jobs and make new connections, it’s easier to accept staying in a job where you like nobody.

Starting today, you are no longer allowed to declare the words: “I don’t have time.”

Instead, you will be saying, “It’s not a priority.”

Watch how quickly your perspective shifts when looking at life’s challenges this way:

“I’d love to go for a run, I just don’t have time” becomes “running isn’t a priority.”

“I’d love to improve my nutrition and eat healthier, but I don’t have time to cook” becomes “improving my nutrition isn’t a priority.”

“I don’t have time to hang out with my friends” because “friends are not a priority.“

Suddenly, the excuse of time becomes an incredibly weak argument.

How you choose to spend your time defines your priorities. I spent all of 2016 telling myself that I wanted to learn German, but I never seem to find the time. Obviously, it wasn’t because I didn’t have enough time, it was because I never made learning German a priority! After lying to myself for a year, I can proudly say I have been learning this beautiful language for 1 week 🙂

Everyone has 24 hours in a day.

You can’t imagine any more precious resource.

It’s astonishing how much time you can find for things that are genuinely important to you by minimizing doing things which are actually not. Make room for your priorities in your daily/weekly schedule!

How much time do you spend on the computer scrolling down Facebook feeds, watching TV, sitting at your desk, “working” etc? I bet you’ll be surprised.

It’s not what you say that’s important to you, it’s what you DO that’s important to you.  

Only if you want, if you are dedicated to getting in shape, you can get a great workout in 30 minutes, so I refuse the ‘no time excuse’.

You do have time to exercise!

Ok, and what about our number two?

Do what you like to do!

When you say “but I don’t like working out,” what you’re really saying is: “I don’t enjoy the particular type of exercise that I have in mind.”

If you are not into lifting weights in a gym, don’t do it. 

If you don’t like running, don’t do it.

if you hate group fitness classes, don’t do it. 😉

In order for you to live a healthy life, you need to understand a few key facts:

Exercise does not mean “run on a treadmill for four hours and look through the window” Exercise is anything that elevates your heart rate and takes your body outside of its normal comfort zone.

Your diet is responsible for 75-90% of your success or failure when we are talking about losing fat and getting healthier.  If I could only tell you to fix one thing, your diet or exercising, it would be your diet. Every single time.

Every decision counts. One bad decision does not wreck a day. One day off doesn’t wreck a week and so on. Keep it in mind that every choice you make can take you closer or further away from reaching your goal. Stop worrying about the decision you  have made 15 minutes ago or yesterday and keep focusing on the next one.

Exercise is just something extra.  Exercise helps your heart get stronger, can help build muscle and tone up, increase absorbing of vitamin D while you train outdoor and brings you many of other health benefits.

Exercise is not an excuse to eat junk food. Instead, you need to change your way of thinking. Instead of “I earned this” keep repeating to yourself: “If I’m going to exercise, I might as well make it worth it by eating right too.” 

Daily exercise is a constant reminder that you are making your life healthier – that you need to keep going to make other good choices. Otherwise you will be wasting your time.

My goal as a personal trainer is to get you to enjoy exercising and find a way to do that as frequently as possible. As I mentioned before, you may not like many activities and my role is not to force you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. The bottom line is to find a way to stay active which allows us to keep thinking healthly and leads to other healthier decisions made throughout the day.

If you are really not into sports, here you can find a few of my favorite ways to exercise that don’t feel like exercise 🙂 (Heidelberg is a great city to try all of them)

Hiking – you can spend a great time, hang out with friends or family, see incredible scenery, and talk about life and business. Hiking over various elevations nad enjoying your time outdoor gives you additional health benefits.

Walking – No time for hiking? Go for a walk. Even a 15-minute walk is better than just doing nothing. Do you work/live on 5th floor? Use stairs instead of an elevator.

Bouldering – It’s one of the best arm/back/forearm workouts in existence, you get to feel like a badass when you reach the top of the wall, and all climbing routes are graded so you can level up the challenge as you get stronger/fitter/better.

Play video games that make you be active – Wii Tennis, Wii Fit, Just Dance on Xbox Kinect, and whatever that kind of game that actually exist. I know an hour of that is exhausting. Playing a normal game like Call of Duty? Make a rule that you can only play while standing up.  

Bike to work/shop/visit your friend – bike to work, or bike to your friend’s house, or start biking generaly. You get from Point A to Point B, you save money on gas or tickets, and you get a workout.  

Dancing – a fantastic way to make your social life more interesting and elevate your heart rate as well. Swing, Hip Hop, Zumba? Whatever you like.

I hope that this post triggered you to start thinking about your life’s priorities. They don’t have to be related strictly to fitness.

Whatever you want to achieve, remember about dedication.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some German to learn.

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